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TexRe W09 146.12ecp

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Texas, Republic of, Washington, Cr.-W09 Treasy Warrant $400.00 Jul 23, 1842 EF

  •  Country/Issuer:  Texas, Republic of, The Treasurer of the Republic of Texas, Capitol at Washington-on-the-Brazos;
  • Catalogue #:   Shull/Criswell:  Cr.-W09; 
  • Denomination:  Treasury Warrant:  400.00 Dollars; 
  • Series:   July 23rd 1842; 
  • Condition:  (Ink Cancelled "Paid" on face) Net EF (an otherwise UNCish note but) with purple foxing bottom left corner and some storage damage same corner edge, has crinkles mostly around edges (no folds).  Has endorsement on back. 
  • NOTE:  For "Frontier Protection" (which usually is for pay of a Ranger).
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