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Peru 091 8641

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Peru P-91 Banco Central de Reserva del Peru 500 Soles P(x),26.2.1965 F+

  •  Country/Issuer:  Peru Banco Central de Reserva del Peru;  
  • Catalogue #:   P-91; 
  • Denomination:   500 Soles; 
  • Series:   P(x), 26.2.1965; 
  • Condition:    F+ with each having several staple hole pairs.  
  • There are up to 3 notes available; price is per each; notes all look about the same.  The available series are P1, P2, P3 - if you require specific series please contact us before making an offer or buying so that we may confirm availability; note shown has been shipped.   

SKU:  **Peru 091 8641**

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Peru 091 8641 $14.00 2

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