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Mex 0408p na01

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Mexico M-408p|BK-MIC-11.5(S-339) El Banco de Michoacan, Morelia 10 Pesos (NS), 19__

  •  Country/Issuer: 
Mexico, El Banco de Michoacan, Morelia;  
  • Catalogue #:   M-408p|BK-MIC-11.5(S-339); 
  • Denomination:   10 Pesos; 
  • Series:   (NS), 19__; 
  • Condition:  AU-UNC (Unmounted face plate proof on India Paper), AU-UNC (Mounted back plate proof printed on India Paper and mounted on card). 
  • Neither has any signs of circulation, but, each has signs of sheet handling (face) or mounting wrinkles (back).   
  • SKU:  **Mex 0408p na01**

    The Catalogue #s BK-(xxx)-(123)/M-(123) are from the 2010 Edition of Mexican Paper Money by Cory Frampton; the M# is his new number system while the BK# is his modified/updated 'Douglas, CEMPM' numbering system. SCWPM S# is from The Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money, Krause Publications.

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