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Mexico M-535p¦BK-VER-34.5(S-444) Mercantil de Veracruz $1000 Face&Back UNC Set/2

  •  Country/Issuer:
  Mexico,  El Banco Mercantil de Veracruz;  
  • Catalogue #:   BK-VER-34.5/M-535p(S-444p the Krause SCWPM states that the face of the note has yellow and purple underprint which is in error, they may have looked at the sale of proofs from the ABN Co Archives where a Color Trial with purple rather than brown was sold) - The face plate proof piece has Brown/Yellow underprint as can be seen as the actual color for the issued note that is pictured in the Mexican Paper Money catalog by Cory Frampton, page 99 - Both face and back are Proof pieces printed on India paper mounted on card, they are "Plate Proofs" with impression plate imprints on the cards backs; 
  • Denomination:   1000 Pesos; 
  • Series:   NS, ND (Both cards backs have archived pencil notations "1897", These are most likey the developement die-plate proofs for the first production run on notes in 1898); 
  • Condition:  (Face piece) UNC ; (Back piece) UNC; each is original color as used in production notes (i.e., neither is a "color trial").   
  • NOTE:  There are only 3 proofs reported, one was a color trial face piece (without a back) that I sold to a collector in the upper mid-West about 4 years ago and the other I sold to a person who was donating the complete Proof Set of Bancos to Yale University - POSSIBLY MAKING THIS PAIR THE ONLY SET IN PRIVATE HANDS; (there are only 8 Specimen notes reported;)

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    The Catalogue #s BK-(xxx)-(123)/M-(123) are from the 2010 Edition of Mexican Paper Money by Cory Frampton; the M# is his new number system while the BK# is his modified/updated 'Douglas, CEMPM' numbering system. SCWPM S# is from The Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money, Krause Publications.

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