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UnSAsc SO1993 00 Album

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U.S.A. Souvenir Card SO1993 ABN Co American Paper Money Collection -36 Proofs

  • Country/Issuer:  U.S.A. Souvenir Card - ABN, Co.;  
  • SCCS PROPOSED Catalogue #:    #SO 1993 Premier Edition Album of "The American Paper Money Collection" of the American Bank Note Company - technically these are not souvenir cards, but are proofs on heavy paper with accompanying data sheet pertaining to their selection for inclusion in the Collection - in original, green album ring binder; 


  • Scan #1 is the cover for the album which houses the collection of 36 notes.   
  • Scan #11 is the Table of Contents for the Collection. 
  • Scan #12 is an example page featuring the $50 Union Bank of Tennessee with the "Polar Bear" scene.
  • Scans #2-10 are 4 note Sheets beginning with notes #01 thru #04 on Sheet 1 (scan #4) and ending with notes #33 thru #36 on Sheet 9 (scan #12).  Not shown are the introduction pages and the associated Bank/State pages for the individual notes; 

Series:  N/A; 

  • Commemorating:  (1993) The American Paper Money Collection of the American Bank Note Company representing 36 proof bank notes on heavy paper. This Collection is composed of one(1) note from each state represented in the ABN Co archives. Notes were chosen for various factors:  rarity, beauty, odd denominations, unusual or historically important engravings. In 1994 the same proof (possibly a different back) notes were issued separately with the accompanying data sheet.

What are Souvenir Cards???  Souvenir cards are uniface proofs or essais produced by the original printer (or merged corporation) from archived master plates (either intaglio or in a few cases lithograph) of the original issued circulating notes, stamps, vignettes [used on securities, bonds, stocks, et al].  These are not photocopies but actual pieces produced in limited issue runs.  Shown in this listing is the 'note', 'stamp' or 'vignette' from the souvenir card produced to commemorate a Numismatic, Philatelic or other event along with the full face and back of the Souvenir card.  These cards may come:  (a) 'uncancelled' or without alteration; (b) 'show cancelled' to indicate they were USPS date stamp postal cancelled, by the USPS with/without stamps affixed at the commemorating show; (c) 'visitor's center cancelled' or 'Bureau Cancelled' where the BEP ink stamp cancelled cards which were purchased over the counter at their visitor's center or at other events.

Abbreviations:  SCCS => Souvenir Card Collector Society;  SO => Semi-Official (cards not produced by the BEP);  BEP (cards with B prefix numbers) => U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington, D.C.;  ABN, Co. => American Bank Note Co.;  SPMC => Society of Paper Money Collectors, Inc.

Condition:  Unless otherwise specified all cards or cut-outs of notes from the cards are in "like new" condition.  Minor handling and storage may occur on Cancelled Cards from shows or the BEP locations and is typical for such cards.

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