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Mex 0517s 000a

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Mexico M-517s¦BK-TAB-14(S-428) Banco de Tabasco 100 Pesos NS,ND AU-UNC

  •  Country/Issuer:  Mexico, El Banco de Tabasco, San Juan Bautista;  
  • Catalogue #:  BK-TAB-14|M-517s(S-428s); 
  • Denomination:  100 Pesos; 
  • Series:  NS, ND; 
  • Condition:   AU-UNC, Storage wrinkles (very light) - most will call UNC; 

    SKU:  **Mex 0517s 000a**

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The Catalogue #s BK-(xxx)-(123)/M-(123) are from the 2010 Edition of Mexican Paper Money by Cory Frampton; the M# is his new number system while the BK# is his modified/updated 'Douglas, CEMPM' numbering system. SCWPM S# is from The Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money, Krause Publications.
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