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About Us

My name is Huston Pearson, Jr. My company is Huston Pearson, Jr., Coins and Collectibles, Inc. (a Texas S-Corporation). I have been collecting coins and paper money for most of my 62 years. Of late I have moved almost exclusively into the world of paper money.

In response to customer requests a few years ago I expanded from specializing in Paper Money of Mexico into Paper Money of Latin American Again due to customer requests, I have recently started branching out into Paper Money of the Americas (with a little Paper Money of the World thrown into the mix). It will take some time for my inventory to grow in non-Latin areas, but, it will grow. You may find that most of the notes in this web site’s inventory are not the common, run of the mill modern issues.  I do not attempt to compete with the sellers of modern bank notes on eBay or other web sites; I strive to offer items not readily available elsewhere that the ordinary collector might need. I will begin publishing a direct mailing catalogue in the near future and will attempt to place as much of my lower valued inventory as possible into the mail order catalogue which will include these more modern issues.

I mainly do on-line sales, mail order sales and sales at coin and paper money shows. I hope to be doing this on the day that the grim reaper comes for me. I can only do that if I can offer you notes for your collection and reasonable prices. That is what I promise to work for in this web site.

I began dealing in numismatics at an early age when some dealers took me under their tutorage and passed on a small amount of their lifetime accumulation of knowledge. I am proud to say that I still have two especially close friends who are constantly teaching me with each get-together we have. These are: John N. Rowe, III, of Southwest Numismatics Corporation in Dallas, Texas, and Neil Shafer of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a now semi-retired world paper money dealer, a numismatic author and a former editor of Krause Publications “Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money”.

I am semi-retired. My wife and I live in Ennis, Texas. Our daughter is currently away at college.  In addition to this enterprise we breed and raise Tennessee Walking Horses and Missouri Fox Trotting Horses (we soon may have a web site where you can visit us and our herd). My daughter has been a great rescuer of animals, some of which we have inherited. My first obligation in life is to my wife and daughter and then to our “children” (yes, that’s the horses plus the two donkeys, three dogs, three cats, two birds—this does not include the menagerie that my daughter has with her at college). So if I disappear from your radar for brief periods I may be tied up with one or more of these high priority dependants, but, I will get back to you with my full attention when I can. (When animals need feeding or veterinary care their needs come before our own.)

I deeply enjoy buying and selling paper money. This business is as much a love-of-life hobby to me as your collection is to you. I welcome any constructive suggestions you may have about this web site and/or the bank notes we offer.

I wish you good hunting for your collection.  Please, let me know if I can assist you in your hunt!